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I am a father of five who runs marathons and eats hills for breakfast. I am 46 years old, blessed with a wonderful wife of 21 years, four beautiful daughters and an infant son. On a mission to juggle family, work and my love of sports.

This Is Why I Run – 30 Months Later

There is something magical about the number 30 for me this month. I honestly need to fly to Vegas and play that number repeatedly. June marks the 30th month that I have been running since receiving the now “dinosaur” Nike Plus running watch as a … Continue reading

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A Bama Fathers Thoughts on the Terrible Situation at Penn State

I ran 9 miles on Thursday during lunch.  I decided to run a favorite route that was part trail so I could run through the amazing fall scenery here in the foothills of the Appalachians in Birmingham.  Stress relief was the … Continue reading

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Running for DetermiNation – A Chicago Marathon to Remember and Honor

On Oct 9th, I awoke at 4:20am after a surprisingly decent night of sleep.  Although we were able to get an upgraded larger room at the Westin with 3 beds and a crib, my biggest fear of not being able … Continue reading

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Chicago Marathon Recap – October 9th, 2011

Butterflies… anxiousness… deep-breathing…stretching… 10 minutes before the start of the 2011 Chicago Marathon…  In the D Corral… discussing last minute race strategy with my good friend Chris Humphries… and to my right – Spiderman.  And he wasn’t dressed in Spiderman clothing.. … Continue reading

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Running For My Extended Family at White Swan – Cancer Touches Everyone

I am blessed to be working for a company that cares so much for each other.  Even today when frozen wages and cost cutting has become the norm as we weather this economic storm, the office hasn’t changed the “family” … Continue reading

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Running the Chicago Marathon in Honor of My Mother – Cancer Survivor

This Sunday I will run the Chicago Marathon in memory and honor of so many family, friends and co-workers who have been affected by cancer.  My journey to this point actually began 25 years ago as for the first time in … Continue reading

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Running For Angela – My Sister-In-Law is a Warrior

There are many cancer patients in Northeast Mississippi who are battling some type of cancer for the first time.  Their nights are sometimes sleepless as they face the reality of the news and the fear of the unknown before them.  … Continue reading

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